Do you feel that?

I’ve been reading a lot of devotionals in YouVerison and posts from friends and family that not only wondered about things so I thought I’ll put to thoughts into it myself; as I have also wondered that myself for the past few months before moving to a new place. I thought to write this blog about it because it’s been weighing heavy on my heart and it also have a big effect on me.

Don’t we all want that? A place to belong? A big family that we feel that love, that closeness, that bond that is thicker then water? I always have this dream…….a waking dream….that we’re all a HUGE family of God where everyone is laughing, sharing, loving, singing, and dancing. Asking how are you doing and how are you really feeling. I always thought that’s what the church suppose to do? I know there is gonna be different point of view and other things…..but can’t we set aside that and just be together in harmony……like a big family who is by blood, creating memories of lasting friendships and love? I starts to feel sad when I don’t see that dream in our world today when everyone seem to argue and fight on who is right and what the world should be. We live in a broken world……that is in need of saving…..God’s saving grace. Only God’s saving grace can cause us to feel that peace, love, and forgiveness. I plead with God…..asking Him when will it be possible that everyone have that share view of the HUGE big family of God our Father and Jesus Christ……that not even the difference of our opinion keep us apart. That’s a reminder to me that we live in a broken world and that it’s our LONGING in our hearts to yearns for Heaven……..a Big family that we can become a part of…..the feeling of welcomeness (I know it’s not a word but come on I’m making a point here.) and love. We all know why I keep mentioning love…’s because that’s who God is. GOD IS LOVE.
Shouldn’t that be our goal……to create that feeling on earth? To create this is to help others see what Heaven would be like if we represent Christ in our lives and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us? To help the lost and those who are seeking something that’s missing in their lives? It have been in every one of us to seek something…..that missing piece that have been broken apart since the fall of man. Being a part of God’s family will bring peace, joy, and love.  There’s no brokenness, no betrayal, no lies, no loneliness, and no pain. Maybe you say that’s not true…..for me it is….because I’ve been spending a lot of time with God to know who He is really apart from the world’s view.
I’m longing for a family that really display what God’s family is. That bond, that love with no question ask and freely given, no wall between anyone, having pictures taken for memories, playing games, doing fun activity and treating everyone like family and not an outsider. A family that would treat everyone fairly and equally and not a favoritism.
I pray the Holy Spirit will move many to cause all to feel that and to move in that direction that the whole world can see what Abba Father truly is……a Father with a HUGE heart for a family that treats everyone the same feeling, togetherness, no separation. A family that someone would catch a glimpse of what Heaven would be like. No argument, no seeing 2 sides of the story, and no difference.

Is it too much to ask? Is it too much to hope? To let someone see who God’s family is really like here on earth as in Heaven? To have every child of God’s family to treats everyone exactly the same? I know hope is still here, because God is here and He’s still moving. That’s all I want to say that is on my heart. Thank you for listening.

When someone needs a prayer or more prayers

When someone ask me for a prayer or more prayers. I gladly will pray for them. I will pray for them right then and there when they asked. Then other times I remember to pray again for them. Not only do prayers help them….but when praying for someone also let them know you care. You care what happens to them…so you pray…lifting this person or more people whom you’re praying for, up to God. Prayers can lift someone up and it could comfort them when they hear a prayer for them…they’re a big encourager. It boost not only confidence but also courage to do things…courage to speak out… say what’s on the heart.

Prayers can be a great thing. Prayers bring comforts, joy, and many things that prayers bring of the emotions. Prayers can sometime bring anger out….which is a good thing, because it bring out the negative emotions out of the heart, mind, and body. Negative emotions drain the soul, the energy, and making the body more tried. Prayers can also included sorrow. Even King David have prayed many prayers of sorrow, frustrations, joys, hopes, thankfulness’s, fears, doubts, and thoughts of why is he alive and where God have placed him.

It’s in the book of Psalms is where I find the comforts to read from. It’s a place where I feel like I belong because I don’t have to hide behind the door, or private life. Because I can express those feelings freely to God…knowing He will accept all prayers I send. There were times I’m feeling He’s not hearing my prayers…but He is. It’s the devil lies that want me to believe that God won’t hear me.

I looked up the dictionary of what prayer mean….here is what I come up with:


1. a devout petition to God or an object of worship.

2. a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or  confession.

3. the act or practice of praying to God or an object of worship.

7. a petition; entreaty

9. a negligible hope or chance

That is an interesting definitions about prayers. Prayers are a mean to talk to God like you talk to a friend face to face….only that he’s invisible. The more I pray the more I feel He’s right in there with me…..that I can feel His presence. It’s AMAZING!!  I don’t have to be in perfect person to come to God when I need to talk to Him. He’ll take me just as I am. Filth, failure, and all of me. When I believe on the name of Jesus…I’m saved and become a new person. I’m not perfect….I’m still a sinner, yet sometime I forgets that….when God remind me time and time again….I’m not perfect yet until I reach Heaven’s door. He’s still molding me to become what He designs me to be.

I didn’t know the real meaning of a needed prayer for someone who ask for one until I have experienced it myself when I needed prayers SO MUCH in the month of August….when I felt the devil’s attacks on me and my family. Prayers is all I can do to talk to God about my struggles in life and in my family. Sometime I couldn’t say a prayer so I would ask someone to pray for me. I needed to have friends to pray for me and my family. I’m thankful so much for brothers/sisters in Christ for their prayers. It has help me and my family get through. It wasn’t easy….but we got through and I know that God will see us through this. There were times I have no words to express what I’m feeling, but the Spirit of God express it for me and I’m thankful to Him for His help for ministering to us in our time of need of encouragement, love, peace, forgiveness and comforts. We had our faith put through the fire through those situations. I know that I kept the faith that God is still with us…because of His promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us even in time of troubles. Prayers can be a shelter for us….because it protects us against the evil’s attacks. AS you know the saying…..”Prayers move God into action.” I know some would say that’s not true….but we can’t really see if God have moved or not, but to relied on the faith that He is with us no matter what the situation is. The month of August I have felt every attacks of the Devil that I felt like I’m Job…in Biblical time. First time in my life that I’ve felt more attacks in my life since being the child of God. I’m not complaining….I’ll gladly go through that if it bring glory to God. I want to have our faiths, struggles, and trials of what we go through be an inspiration to someone or anyone who needed to hear/read this. That they’re not alone.

So when someone says they need a prayer or ask for a prayer….do it….not for yourself but for them…because you care. Don’t do it because you want to have the credits that you pray for that person when the prayers is answered. God won’t honor that because that’s pride. Do it because when you pray….you want to be closer to God for praying for that person…do it because it bring you joy to bear that person’s burdens….to lift them up to God. Do it because it please God that you want to obey Him in keeping in prayers continuously. Praying for those who need it also bring you closer to the them being in tune to their needs. Prayers also bring you much answers…..The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16d. Prayer also can heals….maybe not of cancers or other things….but it could be of a broken heart, bitterness, sorrow, anger… the verse says….Confess your faults one to another, and PRAY one for another, that ye may be healed. James 5:16. If you remember the definition of prayer…it’s also confession…so whatever is confess of faults can also be heal or let go….causing another to pray for each other. That’s where it get more powerful….because with one or more people praying….the stronger the prayer be.

IF you want to be able to pray for others and to be able to remember what their needs are is good to write them down. Because when you write it down…you’ll be able to remember each person’s request of prayer and ask how they’re doing and find out if God have answered the prayer….sometime it’s not right away…but it’s still in the works. Just keep praying….prayer not only protects others…but make other stronger in their faith…in their heart.

So the next time someone ask for a prayer or if you see a someone need a prayer even when they don’t ask for it….write it down and put it somewhere that you can keep going back to, to pray for them. Because someday….you’ll be glad you did, because seeing someone’s face when the prayer is answered…is priceless…it give you joy in a good way….rejoicing in that person’s answered prayer. My word of advice….when someone really ask for a prayer for a reason….they really need it…not causally but seriously….because at that point they’re struggling and they need the support of a prayer. They’re also going to watch to see if you can be someone who they can go to, to ask for prayers.

I love talking to God….because I love lifting others in prayers….it gives me joy…knowing that I bear the burdens of other to God to pray for them. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to pray for that person….the Holy Spirit will bring the thoughts to the mind and you’ll be able to pray.

God bless you abundantly! May the prayers bring you closer to God and to others. With continuously prayer…you’ll become a prayer warrior.F75F0C13-94F6-46EC-93D8-AB9C0855AD63

My First Blog

Hello! 🙂


My first blog to start on this site and I would like to say hello! First time to own a domain is really neat! I made this site as the name it is…because I do know that I’ve met few people who haven’t been around deaf person and have no clue as to how we as deaf world act.

So I thought to start out this blog as introducing myself as I am meeting someone for the first time.

Truthfully….I haven’t been around in my deaf world for long time since I am discovered to being deaf at the age of 1 1/2 years old and didn’t start wearing hearing aids until the age of 3. Started learning Sign Language at the age of 3 and didn’t communicate by speech until about 5 or 6 years old. My mother wanted me to learn both signing and speech so that I could be in both world and not just one, which is the deaf world. I was in deaf school at 3 age to 10 yrs old. Then my mom taken me out of the deaf school discovering that they don’t teach me math. So she taught me herself and what a big world and opportunity it open to me! Not only is there opportunity for me to be around hearing people more but also to improved my speeches in many ways. Many times it bothered me that people would look to my mom to ask what I’m saying when my speeches isn’t as clear…I would resolves to improved myself in speaking so that people would understand me. I would also try to lip-read more to those who doesn’t know sign language so I can communicate with them by speaking….not wanting to make them awkward if I suddenly use sign language when they’ve no clues as to what I’m saying. Many people I’ve met have been impressed by my speaking clearly. Which make me glad to know that they can understand me and I intend to keep improving. One person I met recently…couldn’t believe her eyes that I’m hard-hearing-deaf….that I am actually reading her lips….she’ll asked a few questions and how that is possible. I gladly answered her questions and I’ve shared with her a few highlighted things that impacted my life which included Dani Johnson’s…..that the few gems that Dani gives can make someone want to improved their life and know who they are working/speaking with by their gems. Which I won’t tell you until you read the book/ebook on her site… you won’t regret it, I promise you!

I’ve felt lead to start a blogging site….because I keep getting the vision that not many people knows what deaf world is……also that the deaf didn’t know much of the hearing world except that they felt the hearing world doesn’t care about them and won’t help them with any possible way to help them understand and being in part of their hearing world…..and really…..there shouldn’t be a separate world….it should all be in one world. I thought this will be a good place to start to help the deaf world bring awareness….and that I will be a bridge for the deaf and hearing in one place. It can be possible.

God’s friend or not

How many of us have wondered about God wanting us to be in His life, part of His friend circle? Does God want to be our friend? Will He befriend us like on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram letting us know He does like us? How many of us want to be God’s friend?

What is the real REASONS that we want to be God’s friend? Was it because we want God’s blessings? Was it because we want God’s protection? Was it because we want God to give this person a chance to live by being heal of cancer or tumor? Was it because we want to have God’s peace, that seem to eluded us in every direction wherever we persuaded it? Was it because we are desiring a friend, that won’t betrayed us like many of our friends do? Was it because we want to feel the goodness that will outweigh the bad? Was it because we want to feel free and not feel the burdens of the past? There are those of us who have this deep set feeling-desire that we want God to be our friend. It’s the feeling of wanting to have a clean slate….to start over.

I know as a teen…..I read a book that it’s about David. He’s called a man after God’s own heart. It made me curious as to how David is closer to God…..who pursue God….knew God’s heart. I wanted to know what God’s heart is? What does He longs for? How to pursue God’s heart? My heart is so touch that I cried reading the book about David being a man after God’s own heart. Don’t we all want that? To have that close of a connection with God? To have a connection that God would share with us what is on His heart? As He will hear what’s on ours? To even have a conversation that even day to day, He’ll tell you that not even anyone else may know? That only with you He shares with?

There is a section of the Bible that struck me, about Elisha have a close connection with God that God have told many things to Elisha, except this one thing that happened. Elisha have asked about this woman who is childless because her husband is old and he want to given her something in return for her kindness to him in caring for his needs (foods, clothes, making sure he has a place to stay) while he travel for his ministry in life. So he blessed her by saying that she will have a son. A son was born to her and her husband. The son grew old enough that he was in the field with his father….he was complaining about his head…the son was taken to his mother and he died in her arms. She then laid him on Elisha’s bed and then went riding to Elisha….when she came to him…her heart was breaking and in sorrow….this is the verse that struck me……”Elisha said….the LORD has hidden it from me and has not told me.” Now this tells me that Elisha is constantly in communication with God that even God told him what He’s going to do. Yet this one thing God kept from him is that the child died. Now I would have told you more of this, but it’ll defeat the surprise and exciting of how God does things…..if you want to read more of what happens to the child you can look it up in 2 Kings 4:18-37. You’ll love this REAL LIFE story. Miracles still happens in the Old Testament as it does in the New Testament when Jesus is here on earth healing the sick and the dying.


Back to the topic of being God’s friend…..the question is…what is a friend? Is a friend someone you confined in? Is a friend that laugh with you? Is a friend that will always stay with you no matter what? Is a friend who’ll help you when you’re in need? Is a friend who’ll listen to you even in late at night when you can’t sleep? What do you want in a friend? Someone who you except it the way you want? Or the way God is who He is? It’s kind of hard to treat God as a friend if He doesn’t do what you want Him to do or doesn’t do what you tell Him to do? How would you feel if your friend tell you to do something and except you to do what your friend tell you? If you say no, will that make you a bad friend? Will your friend stop being your friend because you says no?

I do know this…..God will always want to be your friend…no matter what you do or say. He’ll always be there. No matter how many mistakes you made or many things you say that you won’t do or will do. He’ll always be your friend. He welcomed you with open arms……all you have to do is go to Him. Just tell Him your heart…your darkness….your pain….anything that burden you or distress you….He’ll listen. If you feel that you’ve done something so horrible that’s even worse then anyone have ever done and that God won’t accept you…you’re WRONG! If there a voice that tells you otherwise don’t listen to that voice. That voice doesn’t want you to be God’s friend. God will be your friend. Just come to Him anywhere you are and just ask Him to forgive you and He WILL give you that….that will set your heart, soul, and mind free! You don’t have to be in church to ask Him….you can ask Him right where you are. Just talk to Him like you would talk to a invisible friend. He’s there.

Do you have a best friend? Close friend? What do you feel having that kind of friend? Do your friend stay true to you? Is having many close friends great or will having one or two is best? I do know I have close friends; I won’t say how many, but the most person that is the closest to being my CLOSE friend, is God. He knows my heart, my thoughts, my deepest inner most being part of me that even I haven’t discover yet. I know simply that He MADE me. Whatever God’s plan is…I’m excited about it…I’m even scared….but I know that He won’t do something that will hurt me, but will give me the best that He knows will bring the highest happiest I will ever experience in my life.

Now the question is….will you be God’s friend? Cause I know He already befriend you….now He’s leaving friend request in your hands? What will your answer be?

A week with friends’ kids

Let be honest, I thought it would be so easy to do this. Just to care for the kids and house cleaning. But wow, was I wrong! When I was offer to care for the kids while the parents is away. I was kind of unsure about this, because I get the fear of how will I hear the kids if they need me when my hearing aids is out for bedtime? But my friend assure me that Joshie will let me know.

First night with the kids is rough, because I’m constantly waking up afraid that I missed them needing me. But they slept through the night well. whereas for me, I’m like sleepwalking. haha…I got the kids up and dress for church and got them breakfast. We got in the van and went to church. The church is having a small group launch after the morning service. So I stayed for that to learn more about it and if it’s the right church for me. The church is small, which remind me of my home church back in Fulton, NY. They have 3 different morning services and I went to the 11pm, not only because they may have deaf people, but it also follow with the small group launch and to find the right small group to go with. I decide to go to the one in the early morning which is the hearing impaired group and small group for those who are growing in the Lord on Wed’s night. I got the meet new people there as well and am excited about it. After the small group launch I left to go and get the kids. Joshie didn’t want to leave because he was having too much fun there.

On Monday it started out great and I got up earlier then the kids and got to read my devotional which great to do and have a quiet time with God. Praying that the day will start well and that it’ll go as planned. I got their breakfast and then do activity with them something fun. Then got their bags ready to go to Aunt Sam for their 5 hours with them and fun with their cousins. Joshie was excited about going to Aunt Sam. Sarah at least wasn’t sure about it but I know she’ll have a great time. I didn’t get the chance to do school with Joshie’s because I apparently can’t find my list of meal plan for the week as well as the groceries list. When I drop the kids off I went back home to find it and Praise God I did! So I went off to go shopping for the food items on the list. I have to say that getting groceries for kids in mind is a little different then doing groceries for myself. Which is an interesting view of peaking inside the life of a mom with kids and food shopping. When I went through the list would get those items and then I feel that God want me to not get that or get that item instead. I’m also thinking of what cash I have on hand for those items as well as to think ahead of what cash I’ll need for other items. I was given petty cash for groceries, gas, and then I thought I’ll need to use the money for post office mailing and for the kids to eat out on Sun’s night for when picking their parents up from airport. After the shopping is done, I got home and put them away, then in about an hour, I went to Sam’s to pick the kids up.

Monday, I noticed my right thumb is really sore and I couldn’t figure out how I got my thumb sore, then Tuesday, my right arm and left arm is sore, turn out as I figured out that lifting Joshie more time then once a day is giving my arms quite a workout. haha…..I’m thinking wow, my friend is getting exercises with lifting her kids a lot. Open-mouthed smile At first I thought I was over stressing my thumb and arm, but nope it’s the workout of caring for kids and lifting them a lot more often.

During that whole week, I got to learn more and experience what an average moms do during the day with their kids everyday. I got to write a meal plan for the week and I got to say that is very helpful and smart move. Cause when I couldn’t find my meal plan, and I’m trying to think of what food to make for that day my mind is just blank. When I have a lot of other things going through my head of what to do after dinner at the same time. Since I found the meal plan it does help, but because I didn’t get most food on the meal plan, I rewrite the meal plan to make it more flexible for the week. I got to know what the kids like and don’t like of the food. The most fun about dinner is asking Joshie is the food good and he’ll say yes…..Sarah on the other hand will savor the food just taking her time to eat them. Sometime she’ll make silly faces when eating.



What I have experienced of the whole week with them…..their smiles in the morning, hearing joshie’s feet running back and forth in the morning when I wasn’t even awake yet…laughing with the kids when they do something funny….playing a tent with the blanket over the 4 chairs and then turn off all the lights and using our flashlights to hide under the blanket tent….Sarah is becoming an expert in climbing the chairs….watching the kids learning to draw…..teaching Joshie school….reading books with the kids….watching them reading to themselves….watching them play with each other and just playing wrestles….seeing Joshie giving his little sister a hug, that’s a beautiful sight there…..writing a handmade cards for the kids and letting them write in the welcome home card for their daddy and mama….Sarah giving me a hug and just to cuddle with me….Joshie giving me a hug without being asks…..tucking them in for the night….reading to them a bedtime story……singing them to sleep….tucking Joshie in and then kiss him goodnight and hug….Sarah get a booboo and she’ll point at it and I’ll kiss it for her…..Sarah loves shoes and want them on her feet all the time even in the house….Joshie loves to jump around…..Joshie would find odd things to keep him entertains…..Sarah would dances to the music of what I had playing….Joshie would help me out by saying no to his sister if she’s doing something she’s not supposed to and I praise him for that….Joshie and Sarah both love water and play in it….giving them both a bath almost every night and they both loves it….that one day that touch my heart to the core, Joshie said, “I love you, Christie” before he went to sleep.

I got to experiences it all, smiles, temper tantrum, whining, crying, laughing, and when they are hurt. Now I understand what all moms said….I wouldn’t trade this mom’s spot in all of what the world will offer. For this is the best life live to the fullest. I want to thank the parents of these kids for giving me that chance to experience it. It’ll be in my heart for a long time. It’ll have me yearn and hope for a family someday.


A life before suffering, pain, and death.

It is an insult to God for not accepting His free gift. God loves you so much that He gave His only Son to die for you. It’s so confusing for you to read this. It’s because of sin. Sin doesn’t want you to see the truth. They want you to think its normal. But is sin normal for when there is death, pain, and suffering? No! Sin doesn’t want you to know that the world was perfect before it entered the world. Adam and Eve never knew pain, death, suffering, fear, and anger. Sure there is righteous anger, but they never knew the kind of anger that can be cause by jealousy and reaction of an unkind remark. They only knew the good, perfect, pure life. They walks among creatures that are with them. They have no reason to be afraid if they get in a fight or eaten. Adam took care of a garden that will give foods for him and Eve. The garden was perfect. There were no weeds that will kill the garden. There’s no imperfect foods only pure and good healthy foods. We don’t know how long they lived that life until they met the devil. Don’t anyone think it’s odd that when a serpent spoke to Eve that she didn’t freak out and run away? Maybe it’s possible she speak to animals that she didn’t run away. So she spoke to the serpent like it is normal. The milliseconds she start speaking to the serpent is when the human race is in balance. She’s the first woman to exaggerate God’s own words to Adam and Eve. They both are talking about a tree, not any trees, but this one and only tree that Adam and Eve been avoiding. Adam and Eve must have wondered about the tree. Then when Eve spoke to the serpent, the first subject the word come out of the serpent mouth is about that tree. He didn’t talk about any other tree, like the tree of life that gives eternal life. The serpent is also the first one to encourages her to bite that fruit. If you ever wondered about things but didn’t do them until you talk to someone about it and someone encourages you to do it? It’s the person that motivates you to do it, you need someone to agree with you or support you to encourage you to do it. I think that’s what happened with Eve. Once she bit that fruit, I wondered what went through her mind, since the fruit is the knowledge of good and evil, she must have experience different feeling that she never felt before. She gave the fruit to Adam who was next to her and he bit into the fruit too. Where was Adam through this whole conversation between the serpent and Eve? Did he discourage her from listening to the serpent or was he as curious about the tree like Eve was? The first 2 feelings they felt when they bit into the fruit is fear and embarrassment. The fear isn’t the fear of reverent but the fear of “what did I do?” “Oh, no! I’m in trouble!”. They hid themselves and tried to piece together leaves that will cover themselves. Before they bit into the fruit they were naked and not ashamed. I’ve wondered the creatures that are with them are around them when this occur. The creatures around them have no fear to Adam and Eve. They didn’t need to, because it’s a perfect and peaceful life there with them. But as they have bitten into that fruit everything changes. The atmosphere have changed. The feeling of peace is no longer there. When God walk in the garden, He was calling out to them. Looking for the first 2 friends, they had become close. They must have talk about what they would do for the day or He must have plan a surprise for them to give them a delight about things. But when God came later that day, He knew something was different. The atmosphere had changed. So He starts calling to them, concerns about what happened to them. When Adam did answered. When he did there was a fear in his voice. It wasn’t there before when He last talk to Adam. God coax Adam to come out. Just like a close friend would coax and encourages a fearful friend from a hiding place. When Adam and Eve emerge from their hiding place. They probably holding onto the leaves to cover themselves. God ask them why are you hiding and Adam said because I were afraid and naked feeling embarrassed. God ask, who told you, you were naked? Before they bit into the fruit there was no embarrassment for being naked because there was no desire of the flesh, THE evil desires of the flesh. The desire of the flesh is raped, murder, lusting after another person, committing incest, anything that is not pure and good. They must be feeling the embarrassment because they felt something that is not there before. They felt embarrassment and shame because they realized they had done something that God had warn them about the tree, to not eat it. God told them did not I tell you to not eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? Here’s the interesting part, once Adam and Eve bit into the fruit and felt all the desires of the flesh, here comes the blaming part. What’s interesting is God looked to Adam first although it was Eve who did the first act in the first place. God look at Adam is because God put Adam in charge of the garden and he also the first creation He created in His image. When we first read the Bible we must have immediately think God already condemn them. But He hadn’t yet. He hears out Adam and Eve first. His heart must have been breaking while they were speaking, because they can no longer have the talks they had. Adam and Eve never knew the word wrong before. When God has asked what happened, first thing Adam did was blaming Eve, Eve the beautiful creature God made for him out of one of his rib to be his helper, comforter, encourager, respecter and loving him. He’s blaming God for creating her because if he hadn’t give in to eat the fruit he wouldn’t be in the spot in the first place. Once Adam finished placing the blamed on Eve, what did Eve do? She in turn also blamed someone else, the serpent. Neither Adam and Eve want to take the responsibility of their actions. That’s another desires of the flesh, placing blame on someone else and not themselves. To shake that feeling of being wrong to wanting to have the feeling of being right. Hence the name of the tree, good and evil, right and wrong. With the earth being perfect, good and pure. There is no sin and no curse. But since Adam and Eve bit into the fruit a whole can of sins and curses open the door to this earth. It’s broke their hearts as this is happening because they want the peace and good they had back but they can’t undo the damages they did. Here is the first killing of animal, not as a symbol of overlooking sins of Adam and Eve; but God being like a father clothes Adam and Eve so that they no longer feel embarrassed. It’s also the first death to happened. There is no fighting or eating of animals against animal. All creatures are plants eating, there is no meat eater because there is no death at the time. Most of us probably was raise that God is cold heart and cruel but really, He’s a loving God but also is pure and love life. He didn’t create death when he created the creatures and Adam and Eve. This is the part where death enter the picture. Adam and Eve never experience the feeling of their body dying. Now that death have enter in the earth they felt the changing and the life they had is no longer eternal life but a dying life. Along with death there is pain, suffering, and a lot of things that many of us wish not to see and experience. Before God curses the earth, He looks at the serpent and said that there will be One Person who will put an end to the pain, suffering and death is Jesus, His only Son. He makes plan for this to happen when He spoke to Adam and Eve placing the curse on the earth and giving a promise that one day it’ll all be like what it once was, peaceful, pure and good in the earth. Where everyone who accept God’s free gift of Jesus’ blood that washes away our sins. It was no cost to us, but it is the cost of Jesus’ life. That we can all enjoy the peaceful, pure and good in the earth that Adam and Eve have experience, walking with God face to face.

Do you love chocolate?

How many of us love chocolates? I know I do! I dearly love chocolates and would eat them everyday. I love eating snickers, Kit Kats, and chocolate chips with walnut! I love candies, cookies, and cakes. They’re so good!

Then come the day when I found out that they’re not good for me. Even through I don’t eat it everyday. But they do create health problem for me. It is very hard for me to say no to sugary food. They can be my comfort food and a pleasurable to taste it on my tongue and feel the sensation of it go to my brain.

So my friend and I had an agreement that we will hold each other accountable for 45 days to no sugar, and other of “no” special diet for both of us. First day is hard, my mind is constantly thinking of something chocolate. But I told myself no, I’m going to keep with this commitment. So I made it to the 7th day and it was when I texted my friend that I made it to the 7th day and I’m really craving for chocolate. She told me that what I’m doing is for God, which in truth I am. Since I’ve made the commitment to be healthy. She said to give it up to God and so I did that, guess what?? When I did that, I no longer have that strong desire for chocolate but mainly focus on God in staying healthy. That definitely do helps!

I was in TX for a training I went to, it was a lot of fun and learning. I was with 2 new friends and we went to the river walk to find a restaurant to eat. I was thinking of having ice cream, but I thought it would be great to have something for my birthday. So I had an ice cream. Funny thing through, after eating it, I felt kind of bloated and felt even more tired. Which mean my body had gotten used to not having sugar for a longer period. I didn’t have the desire to eat any more sugary food. But it is kind of nice to have something once in a while.

As of now, I am eating some kind of chocolate but a healthy one that is without “soy” since they do affect my thyroid, that’s one of my health problem. Since I have changed my diet I have noticed a difference. My skin looks better, my overall health looks good. I’m looking for more new ways of making dessert that is healthy and that it won’t impact my thyroids in the wrong direction.

I’m so glad to have taken the path to being healthy. Since doing that my life have improve more.

Enjoy chocolate in a healthy way and have a blessed day!


I recently read someone’s post and it causes my thoughts to run wildly through while reading the post. I thought to write my blog about it. In truth, I am to write down on a paper to be thankful for, I’ve so many ways to be thankful for. So to start out, here it is.

I’m thankful to God for creating me to put thoughts and ideas into me when I came to be in conception. I’m thankful that He put a lot of thoughts about what to make me be, to look like, what my character is as I grow into it as my experience come along. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told God that I wish my hair is red, or my eyes to be hazel, or to make me be good in some sport that I would like to try but fail at it. But God knew exactly what I should be like, look, and personality. He knew that what I am, that there will be someone or friends, family that will come to love me the way I am. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made in life, and new friends to make in my life. I’m thankful for the times that makes great memories and times that make me sad. It’s all part of life experience. I’m thankful that God keep reaching out to me no matter what. I’m thankful to see that God keep touching more souls who are hurting and are in need of His healing Hands, I’m thankful for the beauty that He create each day, to make my heart glad and rejoice in Him, I’m thankful for the squirrel who make a mad dash across the road to just make me laugh. I’m thankful to see deer along the road on my drive to destination. I’m thankful for the long travel to coming down to FL, to see the country that I’m living in that is fought for freedom and it isn’t free, but with cost, I’m thankful to see that the universes system is so BIG and beyond me that is so beautiful and it doesn’t intimidate God but it bring Him the pleasure to make it, to just see my face feeling the awe of God’s power. I’m thankful that He allow so many things in my life to happen that make me grow, even when it hurts and bring me joy. I’m thankful for the chance to know my family to see my niece and nephew to grow from birth to toddler to 6 years old. I’m thankful that whatever that make me feel inspire or feel awe doesn’t disappear from my life but remain there to keep my heart humble before God. I’m thankful for the little things that my niece and nephew does and show things to me that make me wonder, did I do that, or make me feel awe of their imagination. I feel their joy and their sadness, it’s so contagious. They always have this child innocence, wonderment, questions, that make me feel like a child again. I’m thankful for my Dad and Mom for teaching me in the way that God have led them. I’m thankful for them to love me always and to keep telling me that and not expecting me to just know. I’m thankful for having brothers to grow up with to know them and to learn what boys are like. I’m thankful for the reminder that life always have their up and down. So yes, the writer’s post is right about the book he’s reading, the thankfulness grows longer and longer. It’s the positive side that always grow. The negative just seem to be shorter to me. Maybe because to me, it pale in comparison to the positive. When focusing on the joy and positive of life, it just grow and grow. It doesn’t stop. Unless the focus have shift to the negative and then it grow for that person who focus on that. The negative just grow dark and darker. It’s like the balance is going to the other direction. So in truth, which balance scale do I want to go with, the negative or positive? I want to go with the positive because it move forward, it doesn’t keep me back. I love moving forward because that mean I’m going in the direction that move me forward and onward to where God want me to be. I don’t know where God is leading me, but I know He’s right here with me, just guiding my steps. So here I am, going forward and can’t wait to see where it lead. Will it be exciting? Will it be an awe experience for me? I’m sure it will! The wonder just never cease and the positive always keep coming. I’m thankful to God for giving me life. That’s for sure!


Change. No one like change, but change comes when least expected. Change come when it really is necessary. For the first time in my life since I’ve moved out on my own. That I had to reduced my belonging to a smaller size and move into my brother and sister in law’s house. It’s really hard for me, I cried feeling like I’m humiliated. I felt like my Independence is taken from me. I feel like everything is lost from me. But God spoke to me and said, I’m humbling you to recognized that I am the one that care for you and to give what you need. I’m watching to see if you would hold onto materials things or will you let it go. To see where your heart will lies with.

So I had started on getting only things that I may need when I get back on my own someday. Sold everything else and donated the rest to charities. It was hard but I know it’s for the better. That God have a bigger plan for me. Just as He has promise. I just have to step out in faith.

I have now moved in, it was a big adjustment for me. I had made an agreement with them to pay for rent and expenses. My own space is my bedroom. It almost feel like I’m back to being where I was in my parents’ home before I moved out. Very good memories I have made.

I’m thanking the Lord for allowing me the privileges of living independence while I can. To give me the courage and the faith to learn to be on my own and to make my own choices as a sole person. To also teach me that God my Father is always with me even when I moved out on my own.

I try to see the positive side of things and to just see what I can do from there. I also know that God will take care of me and will keep looking to where He will lead me to the next step of my life.

Question in your life: What will you do when change come unexpectedly or when necessary? Even when it’s hard to do.